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 Multicultural Musical CD "Ara & Jimin"  


Creative musical "Ara and Jimin"

The album of musicals created by Salad will be released on 11th of December. Salad has produced creative musicals introducing Asian culture based on sponsorship of Shinhan Bank since 2011. Total five musicals have been produced for last five years to introduce culture of Nepal, China, the Philippines, Mongolia, and Vietnam and they have been established representative creative contents to raise public awareness of multi-culture. As the result of such efforts, the album of creative musicals is released this year.    


Every song used for creative musicals for last five years was composed by Gil Hizon, a Philippine composer, given scripts and Kyonju Park who wrote scripts wrote the lyrics. The album includes total seven songs. The title song <Multi-culture> is the one loved most by two creators who composed and wrote the song.



"Friends cannot be distinguished with the word multi-culture. 

It is the word of discrimination created by adults without any considerations.” 

- “Multi-culture”, the title song (Lyrics: Kyongju Park, Composed by: Gil Hizon) 



The song was created jointly for the first time by Gil Hizon who creates peaceful melody well with sense of a Pilipino and Kyongju Park who wrote lyrics based on her feeling that she has had while working in the area of cultural diversity for a long period of time and the song touched the audience most so that they cried. Also, the song led Gil Hizon and Kyongju Park to the world of musical which had been unfamiliar to them.  


Gil Hizon jokingly said that “the reason why I think <Multi-culture> is the most perfect one among dozens of songs that I have created for last five years is because I devoted myself most to making my debut as a composer from a migrant work.” Kyongju Park who wrote lyrics said that the motif of the lyrics came from her experience of having an art class for kids of migrant families in an elementary school located in Gyonggi Province in 2010.


Gil Hizon was working as a pianist in a bar of Hilton Hotel in Seoul when he composed the song. At that time, he was working as a migrant worker for his living in Seoul, a strange place for him, at night and conducting a choir of Philippine Hyehwa-dong Catholic Church during weekends, dreaming of becoming a composer. Then, he accidently encountered the Theater Salad in 2010 and starting life as a composer. 


It is expected that the number of the audience who will have watched a creative musical of Salad for five years will exceed 30,000 soon. There have been no expensive ticket price, fancy stage, and stars like large-scale musicals but creative musicals of Salad have had small but meaningful communications between the audience who watched the show for free and migrant actors and actresses in small and simple auditoriums and diverse stages based on public funds and sponsorship of companies with good will.      


Urna Ullanchimeg, Nash Ahn, Lorna de Mateo, Anima Sing who are members of Salad and Goong-in Nam, Ae-ri Kim, Ji-hye Shin, and Jaewon Jeong who are involved in the musical participated in recording for the album. The album of Ara and Jjimin can be purchased online and offline shops and the venues of performances by Salad.


1. Multi-culture

2. Audition

3. Say it! 

4. Ara & Jjimin 

5. You are different from us.  

6. Fancy and expensive 

7. Waiting for you

8. Waiting for you BGM


Produced by Kyongju Park

Mastered by Myongwon Goh

Lyrics written by Kyongju Park

Composed and arranged by Gil Hizon

Designed by Puchong Kahasuwan

Translation by Hayan Chun

Introduction of Creators


Kyongju Park

A social artist involved in diverse fields such as art, media art, experimental film, playwriting, photography, and journalism. Her major art projects are Internet Broadcast for Migrants in Korea, Salad TV, Social Theater Salad, real time play and film project titled <Theater without Actor> and <Yeosu Begging Middle and End>. Currently, she is focusing on production and distribution of multicultural creative contents as a CEO of Salad, a social enterprise.


Gil Hizon

He is working as a conductor of choir, pianist, and musical composer. He had worked as a pianist in Star Cruise, Seoul Hilton Hotel from 2005 to 2014. He is a music director and conductor of a Catholic community of Pilipino in Hyehwa-dong and an operator of the Art Space for Pilipino in Korea located in Nam-gu, Incheon. He has composed songs for total five creative musicals as a music director of Salad since 2011.   

Introduction of Ara & Jjimin, a creative musical 

<Ara & Jjimin> (Written and directed by: Kyongju Park), a multicultural creative musical, covers the story of conflicts and harmony that Ara, a second generation kid of Mongolian multicultural family, Jjim who came from Vietnam, Carayan, a teacher who stick to classical music, and Yeong-suk, one of the top students who thinks only about winning the competition experience while preparing together for the National Music Completion. Multinational actors from Mongolia, the Philippines, Nepal, and Korea play musical instruments from diverse countries together in a music room, a main stage of the play, and the process of making a song is naturally dealt within the play.   

Produced by Kyongju Park

Directed by Kyongju Park

Written by Kyongju Park

Production Salad Theater

Production year 2015 

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