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Migrant workers in Korea 

Ciba chrome print, 2001

Migrant Workers in Korea (2001)


When I visited Korea for a few days in 2000, a taxi driver told me that he does not go to factory areas where many migrant workers live. At the moment, I had a different feeling, something different from the rage that I had in Berlin. It was a shamefulness which did not leave me for a couple of days.


I had considered myself as one of the 'victims' until I met the taxi driver. Since then I realized that I could be 'one of the offenders.' The shameful moment made me decide to document 'migrant workers in Korea.'


For several reasons, it has been more difficult to meet migrant workers in Korea than in Germany: first of all, migrant workers could easily get disapproval feelings against me, one of Koreans; and also the unregistered migrant workers fear that their insecure residency would be exposed since Korea does not grant working visas for migrant workers.


I visited the place where free medial services are provided for migrant workers and asked migrant workers there posing for photographs. - Kyongju Park

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