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Migrant Workers' Election Campaign Performance


I believe that Korea should, most of all, legalize the long-term unregistered migrant workers in Korea in order to become a welfare developed country.

While looking at migrant birds nesting along the Anyang River, Gyeonggi Province, I thought of those migrant workers who also nested in Korea but still living with their human rights not respected.

When Korea should seriously consider a law granting migrant workers their Korean citizenships, I prepared an election campaign performance which actualized a hypothetical situation where a migrant worker holding a Korean citizenship, participates in Korean politics.

A campaign truck decorated with placards of Kim Titon, a Bangladesh migrant worker, as its candidate, drove throughout the city of Anyang. Stump speakers on the truck solicited citizens for votes though loudspeakers and distributed election handouts, exactly like the real election campaign tour.

Listening to canvassing voices from loudspeakers and reading the election handouts, citizens of Anyang expressed rather generous opinions toward migrant workers in Korea. Several of them even misunderstood the campaign as one for the coming by-elections and studied carefully the pledges on the handouts. Some opinioned that they would vote for a migrant worker politician in the future.

Asked which class of Korean society would benefit most from migrant worker politicians, a citizen replied that a migrant politician would be helpful to bring out a properly-prepared policy 'for migrant workers' in Korea when 'a policy for migrant workers' is needed.

Meanwhile, some worried that migrant workers have many barriers ahead to overcome in order to be recognized in Korea, a society still exclusive to strangers.

However, citizens of Anyang generally understood the difficulties of migrant workers in Korea and it made me to doubt whether the South Korean government which holds the key to solve the problems of migrant workers is lagged far behind its citizens in regard to appreciating migrant workers. - Artist Note 2004 by Kyongju Park 2004

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