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Future Story 2012

- Date: 8 pm on July 17th ~ 18th, 2012 - Place: Seoul Art Space Mullae Box Theater, Seoul station, live broadcasting through the web (, Mae Sod thailand, Sendai Japan. - Duration: 90 min. - Co-production: Salad, Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival - Planning: Kyongju Park - Writing/Directing/Video Editing: Kyongju Park ( - Choreography: Yuko Kaseki - Media director: Sungsuk Suk - Music director: Sato Yukie - Coordinator: Kyoung-hee Lim (Sendai, Japan), Mawoongjeo (Measot, Thailand), Dasima Preup (Seoul, Korea) - Light director: Jae-sung Lee - Make-up: Terra Hoyoo - Translation: Hayan Jeon - Technical staff: Dong-myoung Park, Seul-gi Kim , Hyongwoo Lee, Chulwoo Park, Sangsuk Goh - PR: Song-i Han, Hyoung-ju Park - Documentary Video & Photography: Yuko Kaseki, Kyongju Park, Gwangsoo Kim, Kyoung-hee Lim, Mawoongjeo, Dasima Preup, Tsendsuren Bayarsaikhan - Advisor: Hae-ryong An (documentary Photographer), Seong-in Kim (secretary general, NANCEN), Joon-seong Han (researcher, Institute of Peace & Unity) - Sponsor: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, AMC Project of Underground Art Channel, ThaByae, NANCEN - Cast: Kyoung-hee Lim (a third-generation Korean Japanese), Mawoongjeo (a refugee residing in Korea), Bok-ju Kim (artist defected from North Korea), Lorna De Mateo, Dasima Preup, Band Kopchangjeongol (Sato Yukie, Ito Koki, Akai Kojiro), Kyongju Park, Sookbata Sarangerel, Arionjargal Namgerel, Myeong-hee Kim, students of Tohoku Joseon School in Sendai, Japan(Seungdae Kim, Seeah Lee, Eunah Gang, Gangsil Seuh, Yunwha Jo, Gyuleui Choi, Suchul Tae, Deasim Lee, Euwha Kim), Myanmar Jamoojja Ethnic School in Maesot of Thailand(Kyaw Win Tun, LwinMyo, Aung Htet Naung, Zay Zay Kyaw Oo, Kyaw Htay, Min Khine Nyein, Zin Ko Oo, Thein Min Soe, Ya Min Nanda Zaw, Phyu Sin Oo, Ya Min Htwe, Lae Lae Htoo, Tha Zin Ko Ko, Myat Ei Soe, Aye Chan Thu, Hnin Ei Shone, Sanda Cho), and Mongolia School in Korea (Dulguun Telmuun, Altankhuyag, Chinbaatar, Khulan, Buyantogtokh, Bat~Amgalan, Batbuyan, Sanchir, Bilguun) Introduction Future Story started in the Seoul station at 3 pm on April 25th. At that time, Salad planned to do guerilla performance in the Seoul station as a result of a creative workshop with a theme of 'refugee.' However, accidently, North Korea's broadcasting towards the South that the military action will start within 3~4 minutes for celebrating the 80th anniversary of the national foundation was aired through the MBN news on the central TV monitor in the Seoul station when members of Salad arrived to prepare for performance. Participants suddenly felt fear that they would become refugees. The performance was canceled and the play was done in the road. The director continued the second, third, and fourth workshops with students of Tohoku Joseon School located in Sendai, Japan, Burmese Ethnic School in Maesot of Thailand, and Mongolia School in Korea. finishes as the guerilla performance canceled in the Seoul Station is shown through the Seoul Marginal Theater Festival 2012 and lively broadcasted with refugees of Japan, Thailand, and Korea. The Series of Unrespected Death' (plan/writing/directing: Kyongju Park)' refocusing on migration and death has dealt with stories of Korean miners dispatched to Germany, foreign migrant workers in the Yeosu Detention Center, and one migrant woman who died after international marriage like human trafficking. The series that migrant people themselves, not professional actors, have told their stories on the stage will close its theatrical experiment with refocusing on the issue of 'refugees' and 'people in a marginal line.' is a kind of road play that play, movie, and public art are combined. The director goes a road trip with a camera to meet people in a marginal line in Sendai of Japan hit by tsunami and a Myanmar refugee camp in Thailand.

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