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What is artists’ labor? If someone asks artists to work for an hour to be paid hourly, what kinds of works that the artists do? Can they create a work within the time? What does labor mean to artists? What is labor? Labor (Arbeit in German) or working means human resources input to earn money through business activities and human beings’ such activities. Kyonh-ju Park will pay KRW 30,000 to networking performers for their work per hour. The participating artists should do works that they think appropriate for KRW 30,000. After the works are done, they should say “I love artistic labor” and submit their results of working.

Monday, 05 Oct. 2015, 8PM (GMT+9) / Network Performance / Director: Kyongju Park.

Cast: AlicePark, Sungsuk Suk, Sarangerel Suhbaatar, Anima Singh, Wolfgang in der Wiesche

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