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See-Through 시스루

See- Through Installation's view

See-Through, 2014, video, performance, dimensions variable

@ Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2014

Park Kyongju decorated the empty restaurant located at the underground of Burim market with see-through textiles or materials, to give new lights on the impending issues of Changwon region. Park comes up with her own survey questions and performs stand-up interviews with Changdong Art Village artists and local residents. The restaurant decorated with see-through textiles become the exhibition venue that display these interview and survey sheets (results), and at the same time, becomes a live-show studio.

Park will host a ‘See-Through Party’ inviting artists and local residents who responded to her interview requests, and will also host a cooking contest for migrated wives who are living in Masan area. With the notion that biennale goes into the daily lives of the local community, Park aims to provide a precious opportunity for all local people to enjoy food and to share their thoughts who have different opinions, perspectives and ideas on various issues. (Park Kyongju)

Installation's view
Insallation's view
Installation's view
Performnce Future Story
See-Through Party

See-Through Party

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