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Salad Quarantine 'The Survival Diary'

Concept & Direction : Park Kyongju 

Production: Salad Theater 2020

Early march in 2020, some Salad members couldn’t help but be stuck in their home due to COVID 19 pandemic. Some members cannot visit their home while others cannot come back to Korea. Is it feasible for them to stage a performance this November? Video journals that they have been sending develop a storyline. This is a live and vivid artwork. Can every one of us survive to the last? Can we be on a stage alive? The Survival Diary, the ways for the multicultural theater Salad to overcome the pandemic.

Collective Artists: Park Kyong Ju, Gil Hizon, Lorna de Mateo, Dahou Triomph, Nicky France, Sarangerel Suhbataar

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